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Welcome to Mr Big Fat Dick Hardcore website

Hey, my Name is Martin. I was born on 16th December 1985 and raised in Vienna. I started Porno business 8 years ago. I am absolutely Sex addicted. Fitness and bodybuilding are also big parts of my lifestyle. I have been working really hard for many years to form my body how it is today.

I like dirty and unrestrained Sex and I want to present it to an audience in front of the camera. I am producer, actor, director, cutter; all in one single person. Stay tuned what you are going to see.

Curios women who like to contact me, dont hesitate to write me per E-Mail. Please don‘t forget to attach some pics from you ;) Don‘t be afraid :) and tell a little bit about who you are. Not only women are welcome, men can contact me too for Cuckold or other submissive fetishes. Please be aware that I don‘t penetrate/fuck men!

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Getting in the professional porn league:

Actually, I did not expect but then the company “DDF” contacted me. Until that time I have only had jobs for some smaller companies like “Funmovies” or “Videorama” in Austria or Germany. I was very surprised and very happy that I could shoot for this company. My first shoot was excellent and I got one new offer after another also in Prague. At this time I worked under my artist name “Marco Martinez”. Till today I worked for Digital Playground, Pierre Woodman, DDF, Legal Porno, Sindrive, Tainster, Porndoepremium, Reality Lovers etc. My favorit passion is making my own productions in my own specific way (my own movies and work more professional). But anyway staying authentic in what I am doing is one of my goals. It´s important for me that all people who are involved have much fun. Only then you can get the best results. Be anxious to many wonderful new movies which you will admire on my homepage. Big huges

Yours, Mr.BigFatDick

My Training


My training:

Sex and porn are my biggest passions, power and endurance my biggest strenghts. Mental strength and physical fitness have always been very important for me. When I was a child I was considered hyperactive. A day without productive work, as well for my body as for my business, is a lost day. Even when I am on vacation, I am searching for the right gym to do my training or I am looking for the perfect place for the next shooting. Some people assert that I am addicted. Fortunately I can obviate with my addiction. In 2014 I took part at a Fitness-/ Bodybuilding-Contest and I made the 2nd place of Austria. But I focussed myself on the porn business. Shortly afterwards, I got an offer to work as an actor in a professional porn production in Hungary.

Here you can watch my training video: Click here

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